Brazil ends presidency at the UN strengthened in the bid for a permanent vacancy, assesses Itamaraty

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Frustrated by yet another impasse, representatives from several countries were still slowly leaving the room where the UN Security Council meets, with its iconic horseshoe-shaped table and the mural with a painted phoenix emerging from the ashes, symbolizing the reborn world. of the Second World War.

The United States had just vetoed the first resolution drafted by Brazil that condemned Hamas’ terrorist attacks, called for self-restraint in Israel’s response and called for the creation of humanitarian corridors.

It was then that the French ambassador to the United Nations approached an experienced Brazilian diplomat. “Bon job”, praised the Frenchman, in an unusual mix of languages. And he added: “the resolution did not pass, but you showed why you deserve to be permanent members”.

This is the predominant feeling in Itamaraty at the end of the long month in which Brazil held the rotating presidency of the Security Council. Before October began, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had drawn up a roadmap of activities at the collegiate to demonstrate to the international community why Brazil’s request for a permanent seat should be taken seriously.

But there was a war along the way. Emergency meetings, a lot of sewing behind the scenes, conversations between world leaders. At Itamaraty, a conviction: Brazilian diplomacy left October greater than it entered.

In private conversations, we try to avoid the idea that it is a statement with no basis in reality. For example, Chancellor Mauro Vieira went to personally preside over some sessions of the Security Council in New York.

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