Israel announces having carried out a ground operation in the Gaza Strip; FOLLOW

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  • Israel carries out ground operation in the Gaza Strip

  • UN says it rations supplies to keep aid in Gaza; fuel should run out today

  • Russia’s resolution at the UN Security Council does not obtain the required number of votes and is vetoed

  • See who Brazil’s main diplomats are in negotiations on the conflict

    “When I manage to leave [Gaza], I won’t go back,” Noura told GloboNews. On Wednesday, she received images of her home in the Gaza Strip, which was destroyed by bombing four days ago. The family had lived in the property for just eight months.

    The Palestinian with Brazilian nationality is known for having her face painted by the artist Kobra on a mural in front of the Immigrant Museum, in the East Zone of SP. Read more in the report.

    UN says it rations supplies to keep aid in Gaza; fuel should run out today

    The United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), said the supply of fuel should end this Thursday (26). The entity had informed that it would interrupt service if there was no supply by last night.

    According to Tamara Alrifai, UNRWA spokesperson, in an interview with the AP news agency, the entity is discussing how to ration this supply.

    Tamara has the agency divide its supplies to allow trucks to distribute aid, for bakeries to provide food for people in shelters, for water to be desalinated, and for hospitals to keep incubators and other vital equipment running.

    “Do we give it to incubators or to bakeries?” she said in an interview. “It’s a painful decision.”

    Understand how the UN became a ‘battlefield’ in an attempt to resolve the Israel x Hamas conflict

    The place where the world turns its eyes in waiting for a solution to the conflict between Israel and Hamas has become a battlefield with negotiations (and vetoes) involving the most diverse nationalities and powers: the UN Security Council.

    This is what Tanguy Baghdadi, professor of International Politics at Veiga de Almeida University and founder of the Petit Journal podcast, explains in an interview with the O Assunto podcast this Thursday (26).


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