Miriam Giovanelli at the Day of the Dead Gala: a black dress that was not like the others

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The dress code was clear: folklore and gothic references had to go hand in hand to impress. And that is precisely what Miriam Giovanelli, one of the exceptional guests at the Day of the Dead Gala held yesterday by Vogue España in collaboration with NYX and Don Julio at the Casa de México.

A day in which there was no shortage of music or partying and for which Giovanelli opted for a María Escoté x Desigual design in black with ruffles, long sleeves, and a high neck with a cut at the top that was reminiscent of the Typical costumes of the Mexican region of Aguascalientes.

In this case, however, black became the protagonist – unlike what happens with regional costumes, which are based on white – for a night that called for a certain gloomy air and that here found its perfect complement in the bag. rigid heart-shaped Pepa Salazar x Bershka that the actress chose as the main accessory.

The hairstyle, with two glued braids, was responsible for finishing off the outfit and providing the definitive Mexican aura to the artist, who, without a doubt, knew how to perfectly understand what the gala required. Natural makeup was all she needed to complement it and thus give all the attention to this look, perfect to celebrate the Day of the Dead, but also any other occasion.

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